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2401 Cimarron Blvd #101 Corpus Christi, TX 78414 Saltwater Grill (361) 993-7258


Bread Pudding $6.99

French bread soaked in our custard bakes with cinnamon, sugar, pecans and raisins and topped with our house made bourbon sauce.

Chocolate Eruption Cake $6.99

Sure to satisfy the chocolate lover in you.

Brownie w/ Ice Cream $6.99

Fresh baked brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, piped whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate & caramel sauce

Cheese Cake $6.99

New York style cheesecake topped with your choice of strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, or caramel sauce

Key Lime Pie $6.99

Made in house with a touch of tequila baked in

Croissant Beignets $6.99

Tossed in cinnamon & sugar, served w/ vanilla ice cream, pecans and our caramel bourbon sauce

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